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de Albergo Cesàri

"We Bernardino Ridolfi Patrizio Spoletino, Secret Waiter of our holy Pope Pio VI and canonical of the sacrosanct St. Peter's Basilica and the University of hoteliers, to be considered as a visitor, we grant license and admit between the number of Hoteliers of Rome Stefano Cesàri ... To this day February 27, 1787 "

It starts with this license, a single document throughout the Roman receptive overview, two hundred years of history of the Hotel Cesàri, a tradition carried on during all these centuries following the rules of the most authentic Roman hospitality.

It is enough to see that even in 1869, in the most important guide of Rome at the time, you only find hotel signs from foreign names: Hotel de Russie, Hotel d'Angleterre, Anglo American hotel and so on. The only two exceptions were the Grand Hotel Minerva and, indeed, the Hotel Cesàri.

The hotel over all these years has welcomed famous people: in dearest Stendhal, who spoke of his "Italian Journey" with great affection of the inn of Madama Giacinta Cesàri, and also hosted the great historians of Rome Gregorovius and Momsen. We then move to essential figures of the Italian Risorgimento, such as l'Eroe dei due Mondi of Giuseppe Garibaldi and Mazzini, who stayed after the proclamation of the Roman Republic and from which pronounced, March 6, 1849, a passionate speech to the Roman people.

The Cesàri Hotel is intimately tied to the history of the capital of Italy, it experienced the splendor of the Belle Epoque, but was threatened by the demolitions of Fascism, endured German occupation and then hosted the Allies who were utilized as officers' club. Until this very day we welcome the sons of the latter, emotionally transported by narrative memories from their fathers.

The Palumbo-Curti family has been running this historic structure since 1899 , a dynasty that had its beginning with Raffaele in later becoming one of the most enduring Italian companies run entirely female. In fact in 1947 Paola and Anna started, today they are the grandchildren who introduce the Cesàri in his third century of history, always renewing it in the sign of the aura of which it is cloaked.

It is from this glorious history interwoven with that of the family, an experience is born that each of you can live staying at the Cesàri. In addition to the splendid location, in the middle of the heart of Rome, you will not be considered clients, but real guests of an ancient Roman family home.

The excitement of waking up and having breakfast under the sky of Rome, overlooking the columns of the Temple of Emperor Hadrian. The warmth and the friendly hospitality that only the capital of Italy can offer. The amazement of being surrounded by hundreds of years of history.

This is the Cesàri Hotel, this is us!

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